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Kindergarten-3rd Grade
2nd Floor, Rooms 268 and 271

Our elementary classes are full of energy and curiosity! We understand what an important season your child is in and all of the pivotal milestones they’re accomplishing. It is our greatest desire to help kids come to personally know the love of God and to learn and trust His Word. FC Kids is a wonderful environment where your children will learn that Jesus wants to have a relationship with them. We do that by helping them grow in their faith through our interactive kids theater and focus on applicable and interactive storytelling, scripture memorization, and becoming disciples for God.

We want to help kids find and follow Jesus. That’s why each classroom offers engaging learning experiences in a nurturing and interactive setting designed just for them.


Kids K-5th grade will experience the bible come alive! This is done through skits of bible stories, fun worship, and exciting games! This theater is specially designed for kids of all ages to learn about God and how to grow closer to him.

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