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0-2 years old
1st floor, preschool
hallway, Rooms 1 and 2

Our mission is to help people find and follow Jesus—and that includes even the smallest ones! While you attend service and care for your spiritual needs, we are happy to care for the physical needs of your little one. Our nursery has age-appropriate toys and activities, and children are divided into appropriate age groups so they will be with other similar-aged children.

FC Kids is a safe, healthy, great place for your baby. The nursery is open Sunday mornings during service, as well as Sunday and Wednesday nights for LifeGroups and Re-Engage marriage ministry. We also have a nursing mothers’ room, located on the first floor by the check-in desk where you can have a private, comfortable space to nurse. (It’s the cutest, coziest room in the building!)

What to bring

Please bring diapers, wipes, bottles, and pacifiers. We ask that you clearly label all items that belong to your child. For children who are potty training, we recommend that you bring a change of clothes for them. If you have specific details concerning feeding and napping schedules, please let our FC Kids team know at check-in so we can accommodate that.


Children over 1 year old will be offered animal crackers and/or Goldfish.

Parent-Child Dedication

We host Parent-Child dedication for families who want to dedicate their child to the Lord and commit to raising their children in a Christ-centered home. For more information, visit our PCD Page.

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