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3 years old-Preschool
1st Floor, Preschool Hallway, Rooms 2 and 3

We love our preschoolers because they are excited to play and imagine and learn about Jesus each week. FC Kids is a wonderful, safe environment where your children will learn that Jesus loves them, Jesus made them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

There is nothing quite like an inquisitive child filled with wonder. What an exciting time in a preschooler’s life as they use their imagination, explore many “firsts” and discover God’s big world and His great big love! FC Kids Preschool is a place where your preschooler will learn foundational Bible stories in a fun and creative way and learn to praise and worship our amazing Creator!

We want to make sure that your kids are learning about the most important thing, the love of Jesus. Preschoolers love to learn, which is why each preschool classroom provides learning experiences in a nurturing, fun, and interactive environment especially designed for preschoolers.

Preschool theater

Children 3-5 years will also participate in an engaging and exciting preschool chapel experience. This theater is specially designed for our Preschoolers, filled with wonder and excitement as they learn about God’s Word and His great big love for them. Also, there are puppets!

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